Engaging…practical…useful…actionable…to the point…specific…easy to understand. These are some of the words that your peers have used to describe the Plumtree Marketing Academy’s approach to marketing training. 

Get clear, easy-to-follow instruction, with a wealth of examples to help you understand how to put the lessons learned into action in your business. Each highly-focused course includes video instruction as well as a comprehensive workbook with lesson recaps, worksheets and resources.

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"Nailing Your 30-Second Business Networking Commercials" Course

Belong to a business networking group that has each attendee deliver a "30-second commercial" about their business? This course will give you the tools you need to craft and deliver commercials that get results.


The Plumtree Marketing Academy offers video-based marketing courses for small business owners and other professionals who don’t happen to be marketing experts.

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